Thursday, December 27, 2012


So, all of a sudden everyone wants to attack people who are expressing their (impotent) rage at Howard Lederer. At the blog in the pic above we can find this statement:
The reaction of the poker community, overall, was full of outrage. Whether they think he should be begging on the streets or personally writing checks to every U.S. poker player who is owed money by Full Tilt Poker, the majority of people wanted a different outcome. Some wanted to see him behind bars, which serves no purpose if the government doesn’t have enough evidence upon which to convict. Clearly, the Department of Justice does not feel the man deserves jail time nor to be rendered homeless, but disillusioned poker players and fans do.
Meanwhile, there are no audible cries for Chris Ferguson to step forward and speak to the poker public, or for “Jesus” to be sent to jail. Was he just as much a part of the Full Tilt fabric as Lederer? Why is no one demanding that Jennifer Harman speak out? Is no one ambushing Andy Bloch at his Las Vegas home? Is Phil Ivey blameless in all of it?
I was sort of surprised no one commented, so I did:
The reason no one is outraged at Andy Bloch or Jennifer Harman is: THEY WEREN’T IN CHARGE. Howard was. He played BMOC to the hilt, he was THE MAN, he made the decisions, and had the authority and besides, we don’t believe him.
No one as much a control-freak as Howard was in the dark until Black Friday. The chance he didn’t know what was happening is about the same as my chance of winning the WSOPME. The chance he didn’t know the player funds weren’t segregated is less than that. 
My impression from what you have written is that you are not well-acquainted with the facts. People screaming “off with his head” are wasting their time. But essentially correct, IMO.

That was December 22nd.  My comment is still "awaiting moderation."  Uh-HUH.  I guess she doesn't like being disagreed with.  .........   Not only are random obscure poker blogs on the offensive against the outraged, but so, apparently, is Gus Hansen:

First, Gus, it's "tell" not "tells."  Your subject is plural, you see, and so the verb has no "s."  And 2nd, we know you had to hire those girls.

Other than that you seem to be one of the people who benefited from Full Tilt, how little respect do you have for people that you think we only get our information from poker players?  I mean, srsly, Gus, outside of whatever hand you are playing at the moment, do you know anything besides your pin # and how to order a masseuse? DN hating someone is a reason to cut them some slack.  You opining on this topic is a reason to...

IOW, your opinion carries approximately the same weight as mine.


I notice today, right s after I posy ted that no comments were visible on the blog, they showed up today!  Guess they feared the ridicule of the gigantic audience of Lis' Razz blog!  (Or someone came back from vacation - one or the other......)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

This looks good.

We'll have to promote it ourselves if we want him to get a distributor.  Go like his Facebook page, if you agree:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get Over It, WTF Did You Expect?.

Howard's back. He said his piece, such as it was. FTP is gone, he's made some deal with the DOJ. Srsly - what did you expect to happen?

I wrote my last blog just to be on record with not believing any one of these people ever gave a crap about any of the players' money.  And none did.  Or do.  Or ever will. 

What's still surprising is the hypocritical level of outrage on 2+2 about it. Howard is not a stupid man.  He gave these interviews knowing he would look like the biggest douchbag in poker or the dumbest man on the face of the earth.

He doesn't care.  He's got position; he has your money.  None of them care: not Ivey, not Seed, not Juanda, not Greenstein, not one of them.  They have your money.  

See Doyle and Eli?  They are hoping to get some of your money from Howard.  They will be happy if they do.  They don't care what Howard did.  Or didn't do.  Or will do.  If he brings money and loses money, they're all good. 

That's poker, folks.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Last Tweets before the Lederer interview:
First Tweet after:

Seidel: Classiest guy in poker. 

Then there's this guy:

Amazing how everyone is such close friends with Seidel, including HL who publicly acknowledged Erik's support during the 18 mos. it took to sell FTP.  

In your shoes, JJ, I pay my debts.  And we all know you were incredibly concerned with players getting paid in June 2011, never assuming FT would go bankrupt and you wouldn't have to pay at all. 

When did you make this "offer" to pay a debt you owed, JJ?  Any record of that?  I guess we have a choice to believe:
A.) You withheld the money out of loyalty to "your buddy" or
B.) You kept it until you thought the players would get it.  (It was also nice of you to offer to give back your distribution money....  oh....wait....) 
Hey, does VISA let you examine its books before you make your car payments?

Yeah.  And you aren't trying to salvage your own rep here, right?  Like Ivy wasn't with his lawsuit. We're all really touched at how much you care.



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PH #12 in '12 & the Future of Razzbook

Congrats Phil, 

You Couldn't Have Picked a Better Game

It wouldn't surprise me now that the pressure to get #12 is gone, to see PH win another bracelet this year.  The best years of his professional life are easily ahead of him, especially now that internet poker seems like a distant dream we all had.  

Speaking of which, there was a comment about Razzbook being unavailable, and I will say it is not going to resurface unless internet poker comes back and Razz has the kind of traffic it did before the UIGEA.  Or even right after.  If that happens and I start putting time into Razz again, I think then it will become a series of videos instead of the format it's in.  That had been the plan all along, actually.

BUT - I really don't care much anymore. I also recall how small a community online Razz was and how disconcerting it was after I started writing about it and after Razzbook came out to find it harder to win because people were using my own strategies against me.  Players I had figured out, had to be re-categorized.  

I don't see any of it happening anytime soon. If I could get up enough enthusiasm to put the time into it, I suppose I could shut down the blog, transfer it to here as a series of posts, update it and then use the Blogger "make your blog a book" function and sell it on Amazon.  

Ugh.  Whole idea makes me want to take a nap.